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Inside Nihon Goshin Aikido ~ #67

December 2018

Aikido Christmas Wish List

So there are all kinds of great gift giving ideas out there, but they are wonderfully better with an aikido theme.  Throw off the old song and dance... you have more ties than you'll ever need.

What you really need is more martial arts inventory.

I've created my top 10 Aikido Gift Giving Ideas.  I thought about coming up with two more items and arranging them to  to the "12 Days of Christmas" tune ~ but I'm not feeling that creative.  lol

10.  2" Thick Mats  ~ What better way to train than to turn your basement or extra bedroom into a dojo! Double up a set of 1" puzzle mats, and you have a surprisingly fast and forgiving floor.  Place them on a sheet of 1/2 inch plywood over pallets, and you are getting closer to awesomeness.

9.  A new hakama..  Hakamas are like electric guitars in many ways.  Your first one sucked, and you immediately wanted a better one.  Once you got the guitar you wanted ~ you realized that one guitar is not enough... That's when you knew you wanted all of them.  Hakamas are the same way as guitars.  Think on these things.

8.  A new training gi.  I like the Toraki Gold gi.  It's the one I personally use, and it never fails to get positive comments.  Best of all it's like adding a half inch of mat thickness to dojo mat.  The directions say, "Wash a minimum of 10 times to soften the material."  Let me tell you, it'll take more washes than that... I'm well over 100 washes and the jacket is still bulletproof.  This gi will last a life time.

7.  Another set of nuchaka..... As my daughter has matured (and is now nearly 16), I've discovered it's a nice skill to be able to instantly intimidate the guys who might like to take my daughter out on a date.  My default action of intimidation is simply tearing a coke can into two pieces with my bare hands (yes it can be done), but I can also see value in the display of a Japanese close quarters weapon also.  "Do you know you can crush a concrete block with one of these things?" ~ eyes widen" (dramatic pause)  "Imagine what it could do to your ~~ eh... ~ a skull."  lol

6.  A complete set of kendo sparring gear.  Set them up in your dojo, because they're awesome to look at, and you won't have an excuse of "not having the armor" if you ever decide to study kendo.  I have two complete sets for.....  reasons.

5.  Two or Three Shinai.  These are bamboo kendo sparring swords.  Teach your new white belts how to blend in a snap, and you can use them as a walking sticks to boot.

How about periodicals for the intellectually oriented?

Books & DVDs:

4.  Nihon Goshin Aikido:  The Art and Science of Self Defense by Jeffery Dutton

This is an encyclopedia of all 50 Classical Techniques, Strikes, Blocks, Kicks, and Ki Techniques.  Except for applications, it presents everything you need to earn your sho-dan in Nihon Goshin Aikido.  If you don't already have it, you should get it.  It will save you sleepless nights when you wake up with the burning questions like, "Do I enter slightly on the Arm Bar throw, or just step back?

3.  The Hidden Ground Techniques of Aikido by Jose Andrade

Here is an interesting and compelling tome on why it might be cool to seamlessly transition from standing to ground and back to standing.  I have been asked to write a review of this book, and it is forthcoming.

2.   Sensei Robert MacEwen's DVD series on Applications.       Sensei Steven Weber's DVD series on Classical Techniques


1.  An Aikido Journal (see left) ~ Perfect for keeping class notes organized and tidy!

Of course all of these items (and a whole lot more) are available in the store.  So get shopping!

I wish you Merry Christmas.  My prayer is that you see God daily bestowing his full measure of grace on your family, friends, and work now and through the coming year.

I'll see you in 2019.

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All the best,

Jonathan Wilson

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