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Great picture showing multiple layers or sub  flooring system at

Aikido of Charlotte

Sensei Gary Boaz has cool kiai sound effects....

Listen @ 1:58.

I’m a big fan of his instructional videos.

The Tres Mal Hombres

(The Three Bad Guys)

If you want to make your aikido as street effective as possible, you have to learn to play the bad guy(s); and there are more than one bad guyprofile you must learn.

Watch any aikido video on youtube, and you’ll see all kinds of negative comments like, “No one would ever attack like that!”  “MMA is better!” And my favorite, “My BJJ teacher would smoke this guy!”   Etc., etc.  

Viewers assume the techniques do not work because the attacks are so different than what they’d see in the street ~ as are the responses.  You just don’t see many chops to the side of the head in street brawls.

To some extent it is impossible not to I agree with the statements ~ as there are a lot of suspect attacks out there on the web, which is why the early Steven Seagal movies were so compelling.  Here is what aikido really looks like!  

The only problem was that many in the traditional aikido circles tried to disavow Seagal’s work and claimed, “That’s not aikido.”  (And went back to their mindless “grabbing” and “chopping”).  

A generation of potential aikido students has been lost to more combative martial arts like sport jujitsu, and fight centers (which train a conglomeration of standing and ground arts).

Bad Guy Templates:  

Bubba WalMart:  

Bubba Walmart is angry, often drunk or showing off for near-by buddies.  Emotion fuels his rage, and although he is not trained to fight, he is totally committed to landing a punch on your jaw.  Because he doesn’t know any better, he throws a punch almost like he throws a baseball.  He attacks out of emotion, and he will flinch if you feign to strike him  This equates to martial scenario in which your attacker throws a whole lot of big sloppy roundhouses, and eneralized Aikido is perfect for this guy.

"Tommy Target."

Tommy Target is much more calculating than Bubba Walmart.  He is generally sober.  He might have wrestled in high school, and while he may be out of practice, he still remembers what to do to get you on the ground. He might have also boxed, took karate, etc. He fights out of a “stance,” and he generally throws combination punches in his attacks, rather than a single desperate shot.  He will not flinch if you feign a strike.  He can fight standing or on the ground.  Here is a classic Tommy Target gif to your left.

“Freddy Forever 21”

Freddy Forever 21 is a big step up from Tommy Target in that he is updated & practiced on his skills.  He remembers what to do, and he trained doing it just yesterday.  He is a great striker, and he can counter many defenses you might employ against his attacks.  He tries to gain advantage by flanking or beginning his assault from the rear.  “Surprise is his calling card."  The ultimate assassin/ assailant, this guy is not looking for a fight, he is looking for a victim ~ but if you insist on fighting he has the tools to make your life miserable.  He is comfortable eating a punch or two.  Any feignt to strike will most likely be countered with maximum brutally.  

You will never see him or his intention to harm you until he is right on you.  It is very likely that you begin the fight with Freddy Forever 21 on the ground ~ having already been sucker punched.    He may be armed with a knife, club, or a gun.   

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