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Real Fight Breakdowns:

The Empathetic Man or Thinking Man’s Defensive Posture

At the beginning, the man in the red shirt (the good guy) has his hands up by his face to protect himself if a strike comes. This is the “Thoughtful Man Defensive Posture.”  He is demonstrating empathy to the aggressor, but protecting himself at the same time.  Apparently he was late for a super heroes meeting or something because he grows impatient waiting on the aggressor’s strike.... And takes preemptive action.  

Notes: The decision to drop his hands before striking was unwise, but the openhanded strike is still enough to record the knockout. The strike was not a simple slap.  You can see him load the strike from the ground up @ 5 seconds ~ just the way we would do if we were working on the basic Chop out of a neutral stance. (See Jeffery Dutton’s “Nihon Goshin Aikido:  The Art & Science of Self Defense” page 69.  Don’t have it?  Get it Here!).  

The strike is also as violent as possible.  On the street, you don’t play games.  When you strike preemptively, you want to end the fight immediately.  Think “tick, Tick, BOOM!”  Drop maximum lead on target Ranger!

Stances:  Speaking of stances, he is operating out of a shizentai (neutral stance) like we would be. You can see him step out of shizentai when he moves to put the guy in the recovery position.

Other observations.  While he did attack first, the man in the red shirt is the good guy.  Look at his actions after the strike.  He is completely calm.  He takes the time to put the other guy into a proper recovery position. He does not kick him while he is down. He does not rob the man.

Still, I suspect that there are probably a few readers who will take issue with the fact that the good guy struck first.

Thoughts, What say ye?

Here is a video I shot awhile back on this same notion _ namely “The Thoughtful Man Defense,” or “Making Your every Day Stance Your Fighting Stance.”

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