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Subway Scenario ~ Elbow Chop

Great subway/ phone booth scenario.  Quarters are tight.  It is an excellent Elbow Chop application.  In a conversation I had with another student, the idea was floated that there may have also been a wrist lock going on.  

I believe it would have taken longer to get the wrist torque if there was a true wrist lock.

This is what I think happens.  Uke pushes nage with his right hand.  Nage locks up the hand and connects it to his center ~ steps back and opens the door (unbalancing uke).  Then nage plants uke with the elbow chop (which goes down at a 45 degree angle ~ instead of "out" like we might do).  The fall uke takes is brutally hard.  His head may have hit the seat.

Of particular interest to me is nage’s "overlording" posture relative to uke, who is on the ground, to discourage him from trying to get back up.  This is a great example of a psychological pin ~ proving that sometimes you don't need a physical 'pin' to subdue your would be attacker  I wish the video showed more of the follow up.

Also notice the consistent theme in most public brawls.... No one wants to get involved (witness the guy in the blue jeans headed to the next train).

Thoughts, What say ye?

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