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Sensei Michael Moreno

Applications for The Spin Around

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2014 - 2021

Shomenuchi with a huge Tenkan Movement.  The Tenkan unbalances uke so badly that he face plants onto the mat.

Sensei Gary Boaz

Yokomenuchi, and a Roundhouse.  

We call it the Spin Around.  The Japanese term for the technique which is used in Ueshiba’s brand of aikido could be called Irimi Nage.  

Do You have a Favorite Spin Around Application Not Listed Above?

Please post it in the comments section below.

Taka Sensei (Steven Seagal)

Note how he switches hamni stances.

This switch allows him to enter more deeply than he would be able to if he were operating out of a neutral stance.

Sensei Mike Jones

Towards the end he begins to combine High Bridge Principles with the Spin Around.  Kind of cool.

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