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Applications for Reversals and Counters

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Do You have a Favorite Reversal or Counter that you’d like to see listed?

Please post it in the comments section below.  

Your videos are always welcome!

Reversals & Counters

Kaeshi waza

“REAL Aikido” ~ has it critics, but my gosh do they put on unbelievable demonstrations.  

So many Reversals and Counters of technique to explore, and so little time.

I’d love to attend one of their seminars.

Sensei Kopitov demonstrating a Reverse Wrist ==> Front Wrist Throw Application.

Sensei Kopitov demonstrating a First Wrist Technique which is reversed into a Front Wrist Throw.

Reversals Counters, with weapons, without.... Many direct applications to our style.  What particularly stands out to me is Nage’s smoothness.

Sensei Roger Geertz Gonzalez~  

Spin Around Reversals  ==> Low Bridge (@ 21 seconds)

==> Spin Around (@41 seconds)

==> Over the Back at 1:04)

Sensei Peter Barnath nearly gives up his back to counter an Arm Bar.  I’m not convinced this counter is martially sound.

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