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Momma Needs A Time Out!  

Mugger’s Throw Mayhem

This momma has had enough foolishness and destroys her 3rd world country man.  Dang!   She needs a time out!

Actually I “nearly” have some experience with this same throw.  When I was a lowly white belt, I was reviewing techniques with my “Aikido Mother” ~ Maxine Henry.  Who is a sho-dan in the art, and half my size.  I was paired up with her often, and was always mesmerized by her ability to throw my rear end all over the mat ~ at will and without effort.

One one occasion, she did this exact throw to me.  As I was going “over the falls,” and seeing the mats approach my head at light speed, I remember thinking “this will not end well.”  

Then with the acute precision she often demonstrated, and with my head just inches from the mat, she pulled me through, and I landed safely on my back instead of on my head.  It was an awesome throw.

Thoughts, What say ye?

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