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The Grips In Nihon Goshin Aikido

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Study Group Leaders Can Access Video Information On All of the Attacker Behaviors ~ presented in Belt Order through the Student Resources Section on Sensei John Carter’s dojo website  Please contact him directly to receive your user name and password for access.

The Grips in Nihon Goshin Aikido:

  1. Katate tori - Same side wrist grab (Grab Uke’s right wrist with your left hand)
  2. Kosa tori - One hand cross grab (Grab Uke’s right wrist with your right hand)
  3. Ryote tori - Two hands gripping two wrists
  4. Morote tori - Two hands gripping one wrist
  5. Mune tori - One or two hands gripping lapel
  6. Kata tori - Gripping the shoulder
  7. Ryokata tori - Gripping both shoulders
  8. Sode tori – Gripping the sleeve
  9. Kubi Shime - Choking the neck
  10. Kakae tori – Bear hug
  11. Ushiro - A grip from the rear, [eg: Ushiro Ryote Tori (2 hands grab two wrists from the rear)]