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This Week In Nihon Goshin Aikido ~ #3

February 25,2014

Dear Nihon Goshin Aikido Aficionado:

Our purpose: is the growth of the art.  We believe that Nihon Goshin Aikido can not grow unless the art is disseminated widely and discussed thoroughly.  Along those lines, we plan to utilize every prospective medium to accomplish those ends.  We look forward to your help in growing our great art.

Now there are always updates happening on

New Content Added:

1)  An extensive and entertaining interview with the Sensei James Durand, in Raleigh, NC who is seeking students to grow his NGA Study group in hopes of being able to open a dojo in Raleigh soon. ml

2)  An entire page dedicated to the exploration of reversals and counters with nearly 15 minutes of video examples.  Some of the videos are specific to our system.  Other videos are from parallel systems.  Regardless, all techniques demonstrated are recognizable.  Take a look, and feel free to post your own links in the comments box at the bottom of the Reversals and Counters web page.

3)  More cool pictures; including one of Shihan Bowe conducting a Pivot Take Down on Master Nara.  Got to check that one out!

Coming next week:

1)  An interview ~ I'm just going to leave it at that

2)  More vintage NGA pictures and videos.

3  Mark your calendars:  May 9 & 10:  Soft Ukemi (Feather Falls) Workshop, led by Mike Jones, in Florida.  Cost is $30 for the Friday evening & Saturday morning session.  I believe this to be the next great evolution in NGA, opening the floodgates of new students to our art.  You want to be on the cutting edge by attending this workshop, so begin making your plans to attend.  I will have more details after everything is firmed up.  By the way, Mike Jones is a ni-dan in traditional aikido.  He is considered to have some of the best ukemi skills in the country right now.  He has posted many videos on the art, which I have found very instructive and entertaining.  A sample of his instruction Spin Around from a cross grab, overhead chop, and straight punch) is here:

Going forward:  if you like the content of the website, and the idea of increasing the awareness and popularity of Nihon Goshin Aikido, please encourage your friends and training partners to subscribe for the free weekly updates on our subscriber page:

If you see something that is missing on the website, and want to become the solution to the problem you perceive, feel free to submit your articles and videos for publication to the website.  We welcome your input.

As I said last week, we'd also like to begin publishing promotions across associations, so let us know, and we will gladly publish them ~ send promotion pictures if you have them..

Let's meet together on the mat soon,


Jonathan Wilson

Sensei John Carter and me

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