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Henka Waza (Transitions & Combinations)

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Applications are Applications.  It doesn’t matter what particular art we’re discussing,  when you see the Elbow Chop Concept implemented (regardless of the nage’s affiliation of style), it is useful and worthy of our consideration.  

There is no such thing as a “NGA Only” Application.

2014 - 2021

Do You have a follow up or Aikido transition that you really enjoy?

Please post it in the comments section below.

Also, your videos are always welcome!

Transitions and Combinations for Aikido

Karen De Paola ~

Looks like a Slap to the Side of the Head with an Irimi Movement or an Unbendable Arm Application ==> Wheel Throw, or a Low Bridge, or High Bridge

Gina Zarrilli ~

Arm Bar ==> Pivot Take Down

Karen De Paola ~

Spin Around ==> Elbow Chop

I like this same form from a Back hand also.

Donovan Waite ~ Missed Reverse Pivot Take Down ==> Arm Bar

Peter Bernath ~

Pivot Take Down (defended against) ==> Over the Back Throw

Cris Buenaseda  ~

Arm Bar ==> Pivot Take Down (See Donovan Waite’s antitheses of this above)

Peter Bernath ~

Arm Bar or Arm Bar Throw

==> Front Wrist Throw

==> Unbendable Arm

Looks like Yoshinkhan Aikido ~ with the Nage’s sword hand blocks and the requisite choppiness.

All the attacks are combinations started with a Yokomen uchi (Chop to the Side of the Head).

Samir Seif ~

Cool Series of Joint Locking Movements that all fit nicely into our style.  

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