NGAExperience® Nihon Goshin Aikido

Brown & Black ~ I-Kyu & Sho Dan

Increasing your level of Understanding,  Developing Fluidity, Creating More Lead, Applying Nerve Pressure Points, Seeing Applications as Extensions of Your Classical Technique, Japanese Name Equivalents (at this point you need to begin learning the Japanese names for our techniques so that you can converse with others aikidoka across the aikido spectrum).

The 50 Techniques

White Belt Set ~ Roku-Kyu

1st Wrist Technique, Jacket Grab, Arm Bar, Elbow Chop, Front Wrist Throw, Muggers Throw, Leg Sweep, Whip Throw, Come Along Throw, Unbendable Arm

Yellow Belt Set ~ Go-Kyu

Peel Off, Lift Up, Spin Around, Reverse Wrist, Pivot Take Down, Hold Down, High Bridge, Low Bridge, Wheel Throw, Arm Bar Throw

Blue Belt Set ~ Yon-Kyu

3rd Set Wrist, Handshake, Over the Back Throw, Pull Down from the Rear, Reverse Palms Lift Up, Two Hand Lift Up, Two on One, Two Hand Wheel Throw, Two Hand Grip from the Rear Throw to the Front, Two Hand Grip form the Rear Throw to the Side

Green Belt Set ~ San-Kyu

Unbendable Arm Against the Kick, Scoop Against the Kick, Twist the Ankle Against the Knee, Scoop,  Slap to the Side of the Head, Pull Head Down from Underneath the Arm, Arm Over Shoulder, Pivot Over the Back, Back Breaker, Bear hug Throw

Purple Belt Set ~ Ni-Kyu

Scissors, Shoulder Throw, Cross Arms Throw, Cross Body Wrist Throw, Spinning Arm Bar, Spinning Hip Throw, Groin Block, Body Block, Drop, Reverse Pivot Take Down

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The cornerstone of the Art of Nihon Goshin Aikido is the idea of the 50 Classical Techniques.

The Classical Techniques: “Katas” by another name.    Aikido training begins with repeated practice of kata until the waza are sufficiently...  

Why Nihon Goshin Aikido Practices its Classical Techniques (Katas) in a Shizentai (Neutral Stance) instead of in a Hamni Stance Like Other Aikido Associations

Study Group Leaders Can Access Video Information On Each Classical Technique presented in Belt Order through the Student Resources Section on Sensei John Carter’s dojo website  Please contact him directly to receive your user name and password for access.

The “Why” behind the Classical Technique ~ Using First Wrist Technique as an example.