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Real Fight Breakdowns:  Pipe-Maggedon

How many times can you get hit with a pipe before you get knocked out?  Is that the game they were playing?   

My gosh!  There is a ton going on here.

After you watch the clip to the left a few times, you might note that the lady in the purple shirt is in a left Hamni stance, making it hard for her to blend away from the attack ~ and giving her more time to control the weapon or the attacker’s hands.  Her only choice is to enter ~ which she does, but she can not enter fast enough to jam the attacker’s hands.  She stays in no man’s land for far too long, and gets pummeled as a result.  Had her attacker’s strikes been more accurate or more powerful, she might not have lived through the experience.  Because she could not readily close the distance, she might have benefited from backing up to perhaps bait her attacker into a more deliberate attack that would take more time to develop allowing her more time to control the strike.

I keyed in on all these observations first, but perhaps the better lesson is the actual movement of the attacker.  Notice how well she manages her distance ~ backing up as her opponent advances, and striking her opponent at every possible opportunity.  This looks almost straight out of a Kendo/ Fencing class.  Apparently she has trained with the iron pipe for some time because she is able to get 6 hits in before losing the weapon.  She might have been able to get more hits in had she circled as she moved back rather than simply retreat in a linear fashion.  The linear retreat is always a dead end, and she eventually gets overwhelmed as a result.

Notice how many observers are content to let it unfold ~~~~ crazy.

Thoughts, What say ye?

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