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Kokyu Dosa

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Kokyu Dosa is a neat little warm up/ cool down exercise. I was first introduced to it at in a cross training venue.  It stresses uke nage connection, introduces nice and natural rolling skills, and presents well the subtle natures in which uke may be off balanced and thrown.  I think of it as a 2 Hand Wheel Throw, but there are many other possibilities.  It can be a great finish pin.

2014 - 2021

Kokyu Dosa is not a part of the official NGA curriculum, but I think it could be added as a warmup or cool down exercise from time to time.  

The principles Kokyu Dosa teaches are consistent with other training exercises we do that reinforce uke/nage connection.  

It is a neat exercise for children, and it is a gentle way to introduce rolling to new students (young and old).

It also has real fight application.

Doug Wedell Shihan, Seidokan Aikido

G.E. Norura Shihan, Aikikai

Yamada Sensei, Aikikai

This interpretation of Kokyu Dosa looks a lot like the 2 Hand Lift Up without the wrist locks.

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