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Inside Nihon Goshin Aikido ~ #66

October / November 2018

I was speaking with a man the other day on old age.  He said, “Jonathan, let me tell you something:  “Old age is not for sissies.  The worst thing about it is that it sneaks up on you, and often unawares.  I was much younger man not that long ago.”  

For me personally, I have reached that odd age where I can seriously injure myself in my sleep, but I don’t move like a 51 year old, and I don’t think like a 51 year old.  I take solice in that.  

When I thnk of ht eprospect of passing time, I am reminded of Earnst Hemingway, and his “Snows of Kilomanjaro.”  We are all being stalked by the tiger ~ lurking just outside the camp.  To be comfortalbe with the notion is the scariest proposition of all, but it is one we all invariably face at some point.  

My Grandfather on my mom’s side was a serious fisherman.  When he sold his bass boat because he was too old to fish anymore, he confided to me, “That was one of the hardest things I have ever done.  It was like closing a chapter in my life.”

So Mr. Bowe has taken his leave from Nihon Goshin Aikido.  I guess 65 + years of training is probably enough, and what a legacy he leaves behind.  

Mr MacEwen of the Middletown, NY dojo has been promoted  to head up the Nihon Goshin Aikido Association.  While we are sad to see Mr. Bowe leave us (it is a true passing of the guard) we have hopes for the future of the art under Mr. MacEwen’s leadership.

I had toyed with all sorts of ways to mark the occassion of Mr. Bowe’s retirement from the art we all love, but I simply could not do the event justice.

Perhaps the simplist approach is the best approach:  In that stead, I say, “Thank you Mr. Bowe for all you did for me.”

Gone but never forgotten, and perhaps just an email away ~~~ we wish you Adeau.

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To the hardy for now rest of us.... Let's meet together on the mat ~ and soon!

All the best,

Jonathan Wilson

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Aikido of Charlotte Aikido:  Suspended Floor Cross Section

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The Formula:  

Bottom Layer:  1.5 inch closed cell foam blocks.

Middle Layer:  0.75 inch sub-flooring

Top Layer:  1.5 inch Zebra mat

This Should Be the Standard for all Aikido Flooring Systems.

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1.  Ki Finger of Gripped hand Extended

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The Duke has a passable Elbow Chop!

Real Fight Breakdowns

Real Fight Breakdowns

Real Fight Breakdowns

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