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Inside Nihon Goshin Aikido ~ #63

5 June 2018

Inside this Edition:

Most things (hobbies, et al) you decide to take up have a logical stopping point. You begin as a novice, work hard, master the thing you are trying to do, get bored, or get too old, and eventually find something else to do.

I have found that Nihon Goshin Aikido is simply not like that. Anyone can take Aikido up at any time, with any athletic ability, and train their whole life without getting bored or feeling stale.

I attended my first class as a 42 year old with no prior martial arts training. Furthermore, Shihan Bowe is over 70 years old, and he still teaches a Friday afternoon class at the Nutley, NJ dojo.

There's always something new to learn or improve your understanding of in Aikido. My Sensei sometimes calls them "golden nuggets of wisdom." Hang around long enough, and you'll be able to turn all those little golden nuggets into your very own gold bar.

In your training, you will learn many new abilities in your studies:

1.  Leading (ever get a dog to run circles around you by dragging a stick just in front of his nose?)

2.  Blending (getting out of the path of an attack at the last second)

3.  Throwing (using you attacker's momentum to lead him into a position of imbalance, and then apply just enough force to topple him over)

4.  Getting thrown (pain free way to meet the mat)

5.  Controlling the power of your technique so that you do not accidentally injure your training partner or attacker,

6.  Defending against a single attacker (ever tailgated at a SC v. Clemson game?)

7.  Defending against multiple attackers (ever walked around the city after 11:30?)

8.  Defending against someone with a knife, a club, or a gun (ever been in a store while it was being robbed?), etc.

Generally, the prime difference between Aikido and other martial arts is that Aikido is a standing system designed for defense ultimately against multiple attackers. It realizes its full power not by brute strength or "striking" (meeting force with force), but by using the power and energy of the attacker's attempt to strike you against him. This being the case, the most physically modest Aikido practitioner can make his defense as violent and deadly, or as tempered and restrained as he so desires.

Aikido:  It’s English for “A fun way to spend your spare time.”

This Guy is stealing Our Moves!

Who is this guy, and when did he train with us?  It's funny how you will see a lot of videos of aikido practitioners and think, this is never going to work, then you see ONE, and you think, "Hey that looks like my aikido!"

Happy Summer!  Folly Beach has a pretty good shore break at low tide even though the overall wave height is pretty low right now.  I'm headed surfing!

Kendo if you had any.

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Let's meet together on the mat ~ and soon!

All the best,

Jonathan Wilson

Silly Rabbit:

Tricks Are For Kids

“Hokkaido 2020”

Let’s establish a Nihon Goshin Aikido Dojo in Chitose, Hokkaido Japan

by 2020.

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This guy’s aikido makes me smile, because it looks like our aikido.

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Real Fight Breakdowns

Real Fight Breakdowns

Real Fight Breakdowns

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