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Inside Nihon Goshin Aikido ~ #57

5 December 2017

Inside This Edition:

On Thanksgiving

Lord we are thankful for all your magnificent blessings, and we seek to honor you always, as we look forward to celebrating birth of your son this coming December 25th.    

Israel & Antisemitism  

I am encouraged by the President's decision on behalf of the United States to formerly recognize Jerusalem as the official capital of Israel.  Israel has always stated its capital was Jerusalem, but other governments have failed to recogize Israel's right to determine her own capital.  In his action, the  President essentially "unblocked" a law that was dutifully passed by both Houses of Congress in 1999, and signed into law by the President at that time ~ but then suspended.  

Only the anti-Semite could find fault in the current decision.  Seriously, what other sovereign country is not allowed to "name" their own capital?  For that matter, try to find Israel on a map printed in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc.  You will not find it anywhere ~ they refuse to even acknowledge the notion that Israel is a nation.  In our country, we worry about the "appearance" of racism.  In contrast, these anti-Semites lavish in it.  On social media, there is a lot of discussion that this decision may lead to "even higher number of terrorist attacks."  To those naysayers, I make this statement, "No longer will America or Israel bow to the shrill cries of a fabricated injustice by a bunch of current and future terrorists fomenting antisemitism in the hopes of a more complete jewish genocide at a date they find practical."   

When people ask me who I stand with, I will always answer:  "I stand with Israel."  

First Wrist Technique/ Pulling Head Down Underneath the Arm Parallels

The First Wrist Technique (Nikyo from a Cross Wrist Grab) is generally the first Nihon Goshin Aikido Classical Technique that a new student learns when they enter Sensei Carter's dojo.  By the end of the session, they have a pretty good idea of "how" to do it at a "caveman" level of proficiency.  The best part about learning the First Wrist Technique on your first training day, is the fact that you have the rest of your life to master it.

Full Range Of Motion Allows for Easy Transitions:

As both nage and uke, I enjoy proceeding through the tap on the First Wrist Technique.  In other words, if you are uke, imagine the point at which you would tap due to pain from the technique.  Now if you would not tap, but begin to bend your knees and get lower ~ nage could continue to apply the technique, and you could continue to get lower ~ until you wound up on your knees, and slightly to nage's side ~ all without pain.  The important point of the exercise is that this is the posture uke would occupying if the technique was ever performed in a street application (and his wrist would be broken to boot).  You would be amazed at how effortlessly you can transition to an Arm Bar with uke on his knees like this.  I suggest you try proceeding through the tap some time ~ I'm pretty sure you'll like it.

Parallel Concepts ~ Seeing First Wrist Technique Applications Inside Other Techniques:  One of the more common deficiencies someone might have in their Pulling the Head Down from Underneath the Arm technique is poor ki activation of the hand controlling uke's neck.  In training a while back I was paired up with a student who was having this very problem.  We were working through the technique, and I was trying to bring that aspect of the technique up to where it needed to be.... and failing miserably at it.  It didn't seem to matter what I suggested, nage's arm lacked activation, and I was all too comfortable receiving the technique  ~ when I should have been extremely uncomfortable.  What to do?  What to say?  Sensei Carter was busy with another pairing of students working on a different technique, and I was the senior student on the floor.  If it was going to get fixed in the short term, it was going to be up to me.  Then I had an epiphany.  I asked my training partner to grab my wrist as he would if he were playing uke's role in the First Wrist Technique.  Acting as nage, I did the First Wrist Technique Classical Technique, and as I applied the lock, I said, "When you do the Pulling the Head Down from Underneath the Arm technique, pretend like you are doing the First Wrist Technique to my neck."  

He tried it again, and it was an immediate fix.  The resultant Pulling the Head down from Underneath the Arm technique was as sho-dan worthy as you could ask for, and my neck was sore the next day.

Are there some other First Wrist Applications which exist inside of another technique?  What say you?

Cool Video to the Left Featuring Sensei Joe Adrande ~ One of Mr Bowe’s Early Adult Students

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Until next issue, Merry Aikido Christmas.  Let's meet together on the mat ~ and soon!

All the best,

Jonathan Wilson

This is a video of one of Shihan Bowe’s earliest students, Jose Andrande; a Cuban immigrant and early adult Nihon Goshin Aikido school member.  At some point, he started his own style of Aikido (that does not distinguish between fighting standing or on the ground), and runs a dojo in Orlando Florida.  I had the opportunity to train with his senior student, David Parker, at Sensei Andrande’s dojo a few years ago, and found it very enjoyable.  In the video, the first combination:  Over the Back Throw immediately followed by a Mugger’s Throw is worth the cost of admission, but check out the 2 Hand Grip From the Rear Throw to the Side Application at 1:11.  

Pretty sweet video.

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These are not the Ki techniques you are

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When a punch is thrown from the ground up, through the hips, through the core, through the shoulder, and not with the arms ~ you will get unfathomable power.  One of these guys understands this. The other guy does not understand this, and does not defend himself properly.

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