NGAExperience® Nihon Goshin Aikido

Unbendable Arm Against the Kick

Twist the Ankle Against the Knee

Scoop Against the Kick

Pull the Head Down from Underneath the Arm

Arm Over the Shoulder

Pivot Over the Back Throw

The Fourth set of 10 Techniques in the The 50 Classical Techniques Make Up the Green Belt Set

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Study Group Leaders Can Access Video Information On Each Classical Technique presented in Belt Order through the Student Resources Section on Sensei John Carter’s dojo website  Please contact him directly to receive your user name and password for access.

Scoop Throw

Slap to the Side of the Head

Back Breaker

Bear Hug Throw

Sukui Nage

Haishin Nage

Shiho Koshinage



Kata Otoshi


Sokumen Iriminage


Ashikubi Gaeshi