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Applications for The Front Wrist Throw

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Cross Wrist Grab Irimi-Tenkan

Straight Punch

Overhead Chop to Head

Over Head Chop to Side of Head.

Christian Tissier

Exhaustive List of Applications in this video.

We call it the Front Wrist Throw.  The Japanese term for the technique which is used in Ueshiba’s brand of aikido is  Kote Gaeshi.  Incidentally, our Peel Off is sometimes called an Upside Down Kote Gaeshi in their style, but their proper name is Gyaku Kote Gaeshi (“Reversed Wrist Turn Out”).

Stanley Pranin

A discussion of what he believes are the most common mistakes made in the Front Wrist Throw.

Jim Giorgi

Backhand Strike to the Head.

Do You have a Favorite Front Wrist Throw Application Not Listed Above?

Please post it in the comments section below.

Straight Punch

Note Uke’s kiai as she sticks the judo break fall.  This represents the zenith of Judo break falling skills.  She’s quite good.  That said, from the vantage point of a would be student, I think it honestly does not sound like she is having any fun ~ which might discourage my enrollment.  

I firmly believe that the kia, and judo style break fall has kept more would be students off our mats than we probably would dare to imagine.  

If we want to grow our art, recruiting women should be an easy place to start ~ and that can be accomplished via the soft ukemi option.

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