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Gary Boaz

Applications for The Come Along Throw

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From a Straight Punch.  Nice because he touches on pressure point activation ~ using a strike to the Ulnar Nerve and the pressure point on the biceps muscle in the block.  This is a Nidan level  tested concept in our art.

We call it the Come Along Throw.  The Japanese term for the technique which is used in Ueshiba's brand of aikido is mostly not named, but it is called “ude garami.” (Which means “arm entwining”~ odd because it is the shoulder joint that is locked).

Do You have a Favorite Come Along Throw Application Not Listed Above?

Please post it in the comments section below.

Edward Soumin

One hand push ~~~ What I like most is the Lift Up Application at the end.

*  I think his technique would be more natural if he turned as he executed the lock.

Gary Boaz

From a double wrist grab (two hands grabbing two wrists) from the front.

Chad Hernandez

Of course, all this stuff works from the ground also.  Here are two applications of the Come Along Throw from the ground (specifically from guard bottom).  Very handy application should you ever end up on the bottom of a fight.  Really this might be all you need to survive from this position on the ground.

From an attempted two handed choke.

Robert B. MacEwen

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