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Incorporating Atemi

Balance Breaking & Light Touch Technique

Reversals & Counters (Uras)

Applications for the All Techniques Which Begin to Synthesize Component Parts Into Oneness.

This is where everything starts to look the same, and where the fascination begins.  

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In some ways Brown Belt is for “polishing” your Classical Techniques and their Applications.

A Black Belt begins to open Pandora’s Box ~ the whole point of the action is that he does not know what he will see, and most certainly he does not know where this action will take him.

Pressure Point Utilization

Aikido Grappling Applications

Hageme for more Atemi Applications

A connection/ breathing/ ukemi/ exercise from seiza.  Hageme for videos and examples.

Henka waza

Hageme for More Combinations

More Coming Soon!

Kaeshi waza

Hageme for More Reversals & Counters Videos

I-Kyu Headquarters

Dan Graded Concepts for Exploration

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Bokken, & Jo Techniques

The intriguing aspect of Don Angier, Sensei is that his empty hand style looks kind of similar to ours.

Also, note how he uses the sword to translate to open hand.  Stop the video @ 1:45 for example, and you’ll see the original intention of our

2 on 1 Classical Technique.

Hageme for More Bokken & Jo Technique Videos

Hageme for More Balance Breaking and Light Touch Technique

Here is a nice video presented by Jose Andrade ~ who began his aikido training with Mr. Bowe.

As to Aikido and Ground fighting, don’t let assumptions about how you will fight rule out potentially realistic scenarios.  Statistically speaking, most fights will end up on the ground at some point.

Hageme for more Aikido Grappling Applications

Multiple Attacker Scenarios

Attacker #1 ~ 2 Hand Grip from the Rear

Attacker #2 ~ Attempted Bear Hug

Conducting Demonstrations

In 2012, I met a German traditional aikidoka at a seminar at the Bond Street Dojo in NYC.  When he saw the Nihon Goshin Aikido patches on my uniform, he rushed up to me and asked, “Do you know Sensei Robert MacEwen?”  

It turns out this German had attended a Nihon Goshin Aikido demonstration done by Mr. MacEwen with a friend while he was visiting the US many years earlier.  Upon returning to Germany, he decided to take up the study of Aikido ~ but since there were no NGA dojos in Germany, he took up traditional aikido instead.  

A good demonstration goes a long way in growing the art.  

Bringing Nihon Goshin Aikido into Other Martial Art Styles

Adding Nihon Goshin Aikido to a kick boxer’s talents would be a good thing....

Hageme For More NGA and Tong-Soo-Do Combinations

The Secret to Being Smooth is Effective Blending

Here is a demo by Sensei Heath Macaluso

This video is valuable just from the sheer monotony and perfection in Sensei’s blending.  This is the same blend every time, but performed flawlessly.

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