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British Hooligan Beat Down

Try to see entry movements/ initial movements when you look at these aikido on the street videos.




Pivoting (Tenkai, or the Hamni Turn)


or combinations like Irimi-Tenkan, Irimi-Tenkan-Tenkai, Tenshin-Irimi, etc.

The guy in the white shirt was too amped up, and could have gone to technique much quicker, instead of striking.  His circling was nice, and in spite of over committing himself a couple of times with ill advised knock out attempts, his aikido eventually kicks in with a modified high bridge application.  The pin is textbook kokyu dosa initially and then he switches to knee on belly control.  Note the person to be arrested was also the person that ate the first punch and kick.  

Ideally this fight would have been over in 15 seconds (and nage overextended himself at least twice on ill advised attempts to strike).  I would argue that once he handed his keys to his friend, he should have just entered with a raised hand.  When it was grabbed, (as it always will be), then unleash technique.   

Thoughts, What say ye?

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