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Bouncer Versus Thug:  Extremely Violent Gun Take Away

This is an awesome .gif.  Security footage is sometimes the best footage.  Bouncers do it right.  When it’s time to go, there is no hesitation, and they do not hold back.

First Observation:  Bouncer Eric Wasson is aware.  As soon as he sees the gun, he is moving.

Second Observation:  Combination of Elbow Chop which is immediately reversed into an Arm Bar, and has gunman flying out the door.

Third Observation:  The gun goes off twice.  The first time it causes the man in the baseball cap to begin moving.  The second time (I think) is just as they enter the street.

Fourth Observation:  If you watch the video to the left which contains a wider scope, and the all important seconds immediately before the takeaway, you’ll see a “Security” Officer run when she sees the gun wielding thug entering the building.

Thoughts, What say ye?

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Same Video Showing A Wider Angle, and an interview with the Bouncer ~ Eric Wasson

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